Micky Stone

In my role as Camp HOPE’s Executive Director, I had the privilege of working with Jerry Hara. I was impressed by Jerry’s listening ear and openness to my suggestions and insights about Camp HOPE and the children served by Camp HOPE’s residential camping programs. One of my concerns was how would Jerry be able to tell the story of children whose lives had been impacted by family violence and often homelessness… children that might not be willing to open up in front of a camera. The real question in my mind was how can the story be told with just one day of filming?

I was impressed when Jerry and his team showed up at Lake Sutherland to film. They were a presence yet faded into the background allowing the campers and staff to be themselves and to tell their stories.

The real magic for me came when Jerry sent over the narration that had been written from the day of filming. Reading the narration without the video brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. I read it over and over and shared it with others… the written word was phenomenal!! Jerry and the Diamond-Production Group team got it… they put into video and words what I wanted others to see and hear.

I not only had a video… I had a living, breathing, touching piece to utilize with a myriad of audiences. We used the video with prospective funders and volunteers; and at special events and fundraisers. The response was always profound. The viewers got what Camp HOPE was all about! Wow!!!